"The creams that you gave me for my face and knees are spectacular! Thank you so much--no one can believe how fast my face healed. You are amazing! I am going to keep your card at the concierge desk at the St. Juliene for future guests." ~ Shelley

"I have been using Red Rose products for more than 5 years now and couldn't be happier.  They have helped me relieve the pain and discomfort that I have suffered from due to old sports injuries."
~ Gary Cole   Temecula, CA

"I had a horrible burn on my hand that blistered.  I began applying scarring cream around the burn and within days it was healing and there is no visible scar after using it directly on the area.  It is a miracle cream!"
~ Mary Wallace, Musician


"I have bad sun damage on my face from gardening, biking and hiking but also have issues with allergies so I was pleased to find that the facial cream moisturizes without irritating my skin and I can use it daily. I also use the lavender cream for those days when my arthritis is acting up."
~ Joyce Haner, retired teacher, East Lansing, MI